Our Trek Stable walking sticks are inspired by the location where we live.  Our love of the hills and valleys that surround our home is the reason we make the trek outside.  What better way to honour this inspiration than to name our products after local Lakes of the Okanagan.  The big 66″ poles are called the “Okanagan Series” after Okanagan Lake.  These are avialable in two finishes titled “Whitetail” for the light finish, and “Mule Deer” for the dark Walnut finish.  Our Skaha Walking sticks are named after Skaha Lake. They are elbow height and provide split support when sitting or kneeling.  Lastly out “Tuc sticks” are named after Tuc el Nuit Lake in Oliver BC.  These are perfect for glassing, photographing or shooting from a sitting position.  They are featherweight and highly ‘Tuckable’ in backpacks.

Your Trek-Stable system are available in two finishes.  Light “White Tail” finish are great for grassland, Savana or semi arid type terrains. Dark “Mule Deer” finish is great for boreal forrest and darker environments.  

Okanagan Series

Our flagship design.  Lightweight and comfortable to hold in hot days or sub zero weather. Long enough to reach down a steep rock face.  “Like a handrail for mountain climbing”


  • Handmade hardwood design
  • Leather washers between wood limit wood “slapping” noise when moving
  • Designed to be used standing, minimizing movement when facing wildlife
  • May be used when sitting in a blind or chair
  • Great for young or new shooters who cannot hold weight of rifle or camera
  • Can be used as jib or boom for recording video or action photos.  Mounts for recording hardware at top
  • Can be used as support for tarp tent or rain protection while afield.
  • 66″ tall, 875 grams

Brass insert screws with  handmade leather washers.  These leather washers keep the wood of the facing sticks from “slapping” when moving.  This keeps the stick “dead quiet” when in use.  All Okanagan sticks come with a 1/4 20 insert for standard tripod head and camera mounting systems.  The sticks can double as a boom for smooth video sequences when recording your outdoor event.

Our para-shock cord keeps the midsection of the walking sticks together.  When wound properly, the tab of the cord can be wrapped around the buckle to lock the tension in.  The cord also keeps a set distance between the front and back supports.  Watch the set-up video on how to set up your spacing for the device you’re using.

Our leather retention tab and brass pillar are the second system for reducing noise and keeping the sticks together. The material wears well in poor conditions, but requires a small amount of TLC – not unlike what you would do for a fine set of leather boots.

The aluminum cleats keep you on your path, and help you with climbing and descent. The are quite sharp, giving the user purchase in unstable and uneven terrains.  Like any object, they will make sound when used on rock surfaces, but when climbing on soil or grassy surfaces, they do not transfer any sound into the sticks.  They also make for very steady photos and viewing when tucked into the soil a small amount.

Additional Uses