Handmade wooden walking sticks

Dual purpose trekking sticks that expand to support optics, cameras or hunting rifles.

Strong enough for stable support

All of our designs are made from Canadian Ash, making them very strong but light weight for all the support you’ll need while bird watching, photographingorhunting.

Different models for different needs

We offer several different models of walking and support sticks.  From the 66″ tall Okanagan Sticks to the 32″ “Tuc” sticks, find the supports that suit your needs.

Watch the video

Once you start using the Trek-Stable walking sticks, you’ll appreciate the duel purpose convenience of having your optic or rifle support in your hands at all times.

See further, shoot sharper.

A steady rifle support makes for more accurate shooting, and effectively a more humane hunting potential

From walking stick to support in 15 seconds

If you are pursuing the perfect wildlife photo, or that elusive buck – time is not always on your side.  Having a quiet but strong support to deploy your optic or rifle is crucial.  No fumbling with a pack to get your heavy tripod out – your support is already in your hands.

Are you a backcountry explorer?  Do you walk or climb in an area far from roads or trails.  Are you looking for a place that has little to no access, but is filled with wild animals and plants.  Then our products are for you.

Why wood, leather and brass?

After years of testing walking sticks made of aluminum and carbon fibre, we could never get the right balance of strength and lightness.  Using wood makes a “dead-silent” material for stalking, compared to hollow tube trekking poles.  In cold weather, wood keeps your hands warm due to solid core, and traditional tube poles have a pocket of air that cools quickly – making for cold hands.  Leather is sourced from saddlery cuts, and help protect the fine finish or your optics and rifle stocks.  Brass will not corrode, is lightweight and beautiful.


As the use of wool in the outdoor adventure clothing industry is making a strong return, we are using wood for many reasons.  It’s super strong material that’s biodegradable, meaning that when all those aluminum trekking poles are still in the landfill, given exposure to light, these sticks will be long gone.  We use an Australian penetrating sealent/stain which is oil based, but low impact environmentally.  If cared for, you’ll be handing these trekking poles down to your next generation of explorers.